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LENOX Vari-Bit Step Drill Bits

Precise to a point

New Vari-Bit® Step Drill Bits

LENOX Power Arc Jigsaw Blade

A Fast Act
With A Smooth Finish

Optimized for clean cuts

LENOX Speed Slot Hole Saw

For Those Tougher Than Nails

Now 2X more durable


Raises Expectations,
Then Cuts Through Them

Lasts 10X Longer

LENOX Speed Slot Hole Saw

Speed Slot™

Hole Saw

LENOX Power Arc Jig Saw Blades

Power Arc®

Jig Saw blades

Second to none.
When seconds are everything.

For your next demo job, use the same high-performance blades that firefighters use when the heat is on and they need to cut through.

Raising the bar on
Cutting performance for

Over 100 Years

We began in 1915 with a 10-employee team and a passion for bringing customers faster-cutting, longer-lasting hacksaw blades. Now, more than 100 years later, our passion for excellence hasn't changed.